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Irena Zablotska

Irena Zablotska is a Ukraine-based illustrator living in Lviv. She is the co-founder of Keepa, a design studio who specializes in illustration, graphic, web and interface design. Her work has been featured in the magazines Huck , Caldonecultivo, and Deleted Scenes; and she has worked for clients as diverse as Elle and EPOS. Her work is a beautiful combination of bold shapes, strong colors and geometric patterns inlaid within them.

Hysteria by Irena Zablotska


Bleed by Irena Zablotska


Few by Irena Zablotska


Sea Accident by Irena Zablotska

Sea Accident

Dead Spook by Irena Zablotska

Dead Spook

Planeta Alerta by Irena Zablotska

Planeta Alerta

Skull by Irena Zablotska


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