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Nobrow 6

We’ve been anticipating the arrival of
Nobrow 6: The Double for sometime now, as it showcases the works of many of our favorite artists we’ve featured on S&TM.

The Double refers to both the theme and format of the book. Sporting dual front/back cover art by Gwenola Carrere and Tom Gauld, the book is also divided into two halves. One half collecting full-page illustrations, while the other half is chalked-full of beautiful two-page whimsical, metaphysical and existential comics.

As with all of Nobrow’s editions, the book is beautifully designed and produced, with a careful eye to curatorial selection. The most distinctive feature of the book is the choice to print only in 4 eye-melting spot colours. It is interesting to see how the artists have worked within this constraint, each somehow finding a way to personalize the color scheme. The result is a really cohesive collection of art that carries Nobrow’s signature look an feel.

Thematically, the comics and illustrations address the theme of The Double in many ways. Where Michael DeForge’s protagonist wrestles with the realization that he’s dating his doppelganger, Matthew Forsythe’s pseudo-documentary follows pairings of similar strange creatures and their couple’s reminiscences.

The tone varies from jovial (Scott MacDonald’s Ol’ Pale Horse), to sinister (Jesse Jacobs’ life-stealing impostor story). John Martz comically catalogues all the varied ways The Double can occur in fiction, from Alternate Universe Self to Android Replacement. On the illustration side, Sam Kolchoz’ image is a hallucinatory film noir detective murder mystery. Sean Lewis’ twin hillbilly giants take in the landscape.

Weighing-in at 120 pages, the book features far too many amazing artists to list fully here. It being so close to the holidays, I would say that anyone into indie-comics and art should own a copy of Nobrow 6.

Each story lingers and stays with you, calling for you to pick it up over-and-over again, making it one of the most exciting releases of the year!



Nobrow 6

Robert Hunter

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