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The New Ghost

Rob Hunter’s art runs against many of the strong currents in the world of comics.
I know tons of comics that are tough, gritty, funny, gross, goofy, dark, trippy, distopian, complex, satirical.
These aren’t bad things at all, but how often do you come across a comic that’s light as air, dreamy and poetic?

Detail from The New Ghost

The New Ghost, Rob Hunter’s first full length comic for Nobrow, tells the tale of noobie ghost who’s strayed far from his fellow spectres. His falling from the sky is noted by Tom, who tracks the birth of stars during nocturnal watches at the nearby observatory. The story follows their meeting and Tom’s efforts to return the New Ghost to the company of his peers.

The art is beautifully minimalist and nuanced and, as with many of the other books published by Nobrow, it’s the colours that really stand out. Robert Hunter is an amazing illustrator and his style lends itself really well to comics. Also be sure to check out his 7 page comic in A Graphic Cosmogony.



Page from The New Ghost

Detail from The New Ghost

Detail from The New Ghost

Detail Ghost Print

“Rob Hunter graduated from U.W.E Bristol in 2007 and has been working as a freelance illustrator since. Alongside his professional practice, Rob always makes time to pursue personal projects, such as his growing body of narrative work. For Nobrow, he has produced a 7 page comic which appeared in 2010’s A Graphic Cosmogony, a beautiful tale of creation and destruction told in a bold but gentle manner entirely new to the field of comics. The New Ghost is his first solo comic with Nobrow.”


Detail Ghost Print

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