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Flickr Comics!

This month we started up a Flickr group, open to all, to share comics on S&TM! Every month we’ll feature a few selections here on Squidface & The Meddler! This month’s comics by Jack Teagle, Hyein Lee, and John Martz!

Come join us and share your comics at:


Jack Teagle


Jack is a freelance illustrator based in South West England. He keeps many sketchbooks and goes through many tubes of paint. Jack loves collecting action figures, reading badly written silver age comics and watching classic horror films.

Jack Teagle - Dust to Dust -  comic form A Graphic Cosmonogy from Nobrow Jack-Teagle - McSweeney's - The Jungle Pages 1 and 2 Jack-Teagle - McSweeney's - The Jungle Pages 3 and 4 Jack-Teagle - The Origin of Snakeman 1 Jack Teagle - The Origin of Snakeman 2 Jack Teagle - The Origin of Snakeman 3

Hyein Lee

Hyein Lee ~

Hyein is an engineer turned an illustrator and motion graphics designer. She gave up her big fat paycheque to pursue her dream; she is poor now, but somehow a lot happier. Her work is populated by lonesome, humble and friendly monsters which depict melancholy moments with cuddly-toy appeal. Autobiographical in content, these intimate diary-like paintings are often a direct translation of the artist’s feeling. She was born in Korea and came to Canada when she was 14. She now lives in her favourite city, Toronto.

Engine Summer - comics by Hyein Lee

John Martz


John Martz is illustrator, cartoonist, and designer living in Toronto, Ontario. His work appears regularly in The Globe and Mail, and I is the illustrator of the picture books Dear Flyary by Dianne Young (2012), and Who’s on First? by Abbott & Costello (2013).

Thought by John Martz Poke by John Martz Overwhelm by John Martz Music by John Martz Entwine by John Martz

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