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Vortex #3

Mark P. Hensel – Vortex #3

Vortex #3 continues the adventures of the Miizzzard on the planet of the shape-shifting aliens who call themselves the Vortex. In Vortex #2, the Miizzz entered the communal dreamscape of the ultra-violent Vortex to try and free their minds from outside control. Now the Miizzz must battle through layer after layer of berserk nightmares …

We’ve featured Mark’s amazing comics before on S&TM (Assault on Yurg). As well as a sneak peek of the previous installment of Vortex (Vortex #2). This is a preview of his latest edtion, Vortex #3. You can pick up a copy on Mark’s site for $6.00 (or a combo pack for $10.00).

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Mark P Hensel

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  2. Vortex #3 – comic by Mark P. Hensel | Squidface & The Meddler

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